My approach to tutoring is very easy going.  Most of the tutoring I have been a part of started with getting the person in the mind frame that they can do this and it can be fun.  I was fortunate to have been in a household of teachers and I was able to see their excitement when a student was able to get over their hurdles to learn a new concept no matter the subject that was being taught.  I was also fortunate in that I was never discouraged from doing math because I was a girl.  I was taught to believe I could do anything I wanted to do.  To me Math is just a  puzzle to put together.  I still love learning new concepts and new ways to do those concepts.  I know that each generation gets frustrated because the math looks so different than how they were taught.  That doesn't bother me, in fact I find it quite fun.  Just another puzzle to do!  I base my pricing on the level and difficulty of the math class that will be taught. I tutor through Calculus 2.  One of my goals is to not waste your time nor money.  We will have a Zoom call to see if we mesh.   


Grades 1 thru 3 - $20/hr

Grades 4 thru 6 - $25/hr

Pre-Algebra & Algebra - $30/hr

Geometry & Trigonometry - $40/hr

Pre- Calculus - $50/hr

Calculus & Calculus 2 - $60/hr

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