Wellness has become such an intregal part of our life  now.  I began my journey over ten years ago.  I was so tired of feeling bad.  I had worked with doctors for 15 years to get my thyroid where it needed to be.  Sadly, they were only concerned about the numbers and not how I felt.  No matter what I did I felt bad.  Since it was MY life, I decided to take matters into my own hands.  I really started looking at the foods I ate.  It was a two year process of research and experimentation.  The first thing I did was get rid of all processed foods.  If I couldn't make it with my own hands with natural ingredients, I didn't eat it.  At first, I didn't have a big menu.  Over time, I was able to find some awesome recipes that I could change to fit my needs.  The more I worked at finding what I needed, the more I ate a plant based diet.  Then my body started feeling better and the amount of energy I had was something I hadn't experienced since I was a child.  I started hiking and walking.  I love hiking!  Around this time I found someone with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  And we both started hiking and traveling and made some wonderful memories.  Sometimes life can come at you with a gut punch when  you don't expect it.  As Joseph and I were moving to Florida to enjoy some fun in the sun, we were in the process of moving when we thought he hurt his back.  Sadly, it was Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer).  Our life immediately changed.  After two Stem Cell Transplants and chemo he has reached remission but there is damage that has been done so we will never get to do the things we used to do.  We are just glad to still be with each other and have learned to enjoy our life with his limitations.  As a result of taking care of him I am having to start over with my health. I have also realized as a result of being a full time caregiver that I would need to take care of my mental health also.  Walking is something that helps me mentally along with yoga and meditation.   I hope this site can give you hope and we can go on this journey of wellness together.  I will post basics of a plant based diet and add recipes.  I will also post basic information with regards to yoga and meditation.  I have a lot to learn and look forward to sharing what I have learned.   If  you have any questions or suggestions for recipes, please send me a message.  

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